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      Welcome to Picturestitch!! Here we believe that different is unique, unique is beautiful and can be incredibly breath taking, where with our embroidery designs we hope to take you beyond your imagination. Since you have come to our page we will take this chance to tell you a little about ourselves and our story. Nicola was lucky enough to find a love of drawing from a early age. “My Mum used to draw vintage style ladies and my twin sister Erica and I loved them. Throughout my school days I was always passionate about drawing and would draw for my friends and family constantly.

      When I left school many years ago I wanted to work with people and soon found a job as a Care Assistant with older people and I loved it! Helping people less able and older than myself was very rewarding and I loved each and every one of them.” Then, unfortunately Nicola was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of twenty one and that was when her life changed forever. She managed to stay in her job for a further eleven years until she was medically unable to continue. Nicola, my fantastic wife, was truly heartbroken, but not long after fell pregnant with a beautiful daughter Libby who, without doubt, was one of the very finest moments of her life. After a few years at home with her daughter Nicola trained to be a Teaching Assistant and soon got a job working with eight year olds. This was her dream job at the time and her creativity returned. “I would create and paint drawings for the wall, help the children draw and create designs that were needed for any given subject; I loved it. However, at this point my Crohn’s was getting really bad and my condition became much worse.” However, Nicola fell pregnant again with my dear Lily and after she was born Nicola needed life saving surgery.


      Within a week of seeing her consultant major surgery resulted in her colon being removed and a stoma bag fitted. “I really cannot not put into words what I felt inside but life went on with my beautiful family. Yet again I had to leave work leaving me broken again.” To try to cheer her up, I bought a sewing machine and noticed and ordered the extra extra fittings you use with the machine. This included a freestyle embroidery shoe and the rest is history!!!. Nicola taught herself how to free motion stitch embroider and won a Newcomer award from a Lancashire prestigious Arts and Craft group for her free stitch applique collection. Since then she has been featured in a number of Newspapers and specialist publications and continues to achieve interest from publishers both here and abroad.

      Through all her physical setbacks she still loved to draw and a idea came to mind!!! Why not have some of her work digitalized and people could use her work in what ever way they wanted on whatever fabric or garment they chose? So, off we went and to date we have customers in nine different countries expanding all the time. Our website and Nicola’s work, we hope, is unlike anyone else you have seen, as Nicola hand draws all her images before they are digitalized. With a liking for dark side such as the likes of embroideries with Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood, these characters give her ideas that are ‘popping out’ all of the time.

      We, as embroiderers with a very British style, believe that teddy bears and cute designs are fine, but there are different edges to be explored where emotion and style are combined in combination with an eclectic approach. Our journey continues apace and our desire and passion has never been stronger and so this is just a taste of how Picturestitch was born!!.

      Thank you, Nicola & Andrew Elliott xx






      United Kingdom picturestitchhelp@gmail.com


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