VIP MEMBERSHIP – Join our Picturestitch Family!

What is it?
The VIP membership allows you to make a monthly purchase of up to $20 worth of Nicolas and Denises designs for ONLY $9.99!

How much is it?
You have two options if you would like to purchase VIP membership:
1. $9.99 per month for a $20 coupon credited to your personal account to use for 30 days.
2. $100 per year for $240 coupon credited to your personal account to use throughout out the year.

When does the money go out of my bank account if I choose a monthly membership?
Each month, $9.99 will be taken from your bank account on the day of the month that you joined. So for example, if you signed up on January 6th for monthly membership, then your membership fee will be withdrawn from your account on the 6th of each month.

Do I have to commit to membership for a minimum period?
No!! If you join on a monthly basis and then decide that you need to cancel your membership for whatever reason, just login to your paypal and cancel or login to your Picturestitch account and cancel. NO problem at all.

What do I get for my money?
The most important part!! If you decide to join, at the beginning of each month you will receive $20 to spend on the website. Most designs are $4.99 each…so it’s like a 50% price reduction!

VIP members also gain access to the Picturestitch Exclusive VIP Members Forum on the website. Here, Nicola often posts free designs and coupon codes entitling you to additional discounts!

How do I join?
Go to and select the Membership Option that you’d like. There you will have the choice of the monthly or annual membership – you will sign up  and check out via PayPal.

Then what happens?
Once you’ve signed up, you will have the credit added to your account automatically. Upon your expiration date, you will receive a new $20 credit to spend on the Picturestitch website. A new $20 credit is issued every month and the old one expires so be sure to shop by your expiration date!

How do I spend my credit?
Simply go shopping and select any designs you wish to purchase. These will be added to your cart and when it comes to paying, just use your credit from your account. Your coupon shows up right there on your cart page so you can use it easily.